How’s it different for introverts & extroverts

Coworking: How’s it different for introverts & extroverts

Picture yourself seated in a workspace with ultra-chic interiors that offer a lounge-like feel. With over hundreds of people sharing the same space as you, coming together with coworking can be a rather interesting experience for everyone. While going to work in co-working spaces can be really fun for people who enjoy sparking conversations with new people, what about the rest? The Global Coworking Survey examined people’s behavioural inclinations at workspaces and found that introverts and extroverts have different things in store for them.

Understanding how the two personality types function in a coworking space:

1. Introverts
More drawn towards a relaxed and smaller coworking space, only a small portion of the introverted group finds it difficult to feel a sense of belongingness. In contrast, a large number feel strongly connected to the small community of their coworking spaces. Lastly, thoughtfully planned coworking spaces can enhance creativity and develop the skill sets of the more introverted employees. Introverts aren’t all about working in silos. Introverts feel more connected & enjoy productive workdays in coworking spaces w.r.t traditional offices or home. The introverts expect nothing but some ‘small talk’!

2. Extroverts
These personality types are most inclined towards going to work every day with a strong feeling of belonging to their coworking community. They find coworking spaces valuable for time and money more than any other personality type mainly due to how they thrive in socially dynamic workplaces. The only factor apart from socialising was the proximity of the place to home. Most coworking spaces are known to boost an average extrovert’s self-confidence as they have high expectations of small talk, sociability, help and experience sharing. Naturally, they experience higher order of productivity and quality of work days since working in coworking spaces.

How do the two differ while working in coworking spaces
Going to work in coworking spaces can be extremely beneficial & meets requirements for introverts & extroverts on the basis of:

Productivity at work – If you step into an environment that promotes growth and focus. With various amenities and customised designated areas, any personality type can easily thrive in coworking spaces.
Work-life balance – No matter what our personality type is, we all seek balance when it comes to work and play. With a plug-and-play environment, you can find the right amount of exposure as well as downtime.
Social Intelligence – A common misconception about introverts is that they don’t like to surround themselves with a socially charged environment. But the bottom line is that we are social animals. With coworking spaces, you can develop your social intelligence quotient like never before.
Relaxing in solitude – While extroverts can enjoy various group activities such as a celebration or a game of snooker, introverts have sufficient space to spend time in a cosy area, cafeteria, or lounging spaces to relax.
Boosting confidence – With learning opportunities that arise from networking, employees can benefit largely by experiencing the smallest achievements at their own pace.

A coworking space can prove to be a one-stop solution for all personality types if it aligns with everyone’s workstyles. An interior twist that can amp up any coworking space by allowing each and every employee to work as per their requirements and choices. For instance, at Buzzworks, each and every employee is bound to experience a sense of belongingness & eagerness to perform. Being updated about what employees demand & figuring out the arrangements fosters a space for healthy and happy employees; which is primarily the ultimate goal of coworking.




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