Team management software that helps you connect and collaborate

With the advent of the post-pandemic era, remote work is becoming less of a necessity and more of an opportunity. Hybrid teams allow an organisation to hire talent across the world, this results in an extremely talented and diverse team, although with a slight disadvantage in communication.

In 2022, the leaders of hybrid teams have accustomed themselves to the physical gaps through various modes of online communication systems. There are a few dependable software to overcome these gaps and help leaders regulate the daily flow of the team.

To make sure the team is aligned, remote/hybrid team leaders should ensure that team members have the tools they need both at work and home. In particular, basic tools like a  good computer, fast internet, and a camera to conduct meetings remotely can help the team collaborate better.

To-do lists and time allocation are not the only aspects of team management. Let’s dive into the problems and the solutions for managing a hybrid team-

Problems that hinder your team’s productivity
  1. Navigating remote work – Working remotely may provide a substantial communication challenge while navigating the work process and allocating the work to team members.
  2. Team Communication and collaboration – It’s easy for important messages to slip through the cracks when you have a globally distributed team.
  3. Employee performance – Setting and adhering to the appropriate KPIs is crucial. Additionally, maintaining remote employee capacity, availability, and overtime is necessary for reducing burnout (1)
List of software that helps one manage your team

Slack –

With Slack, employees can communicate with one another and find all the information they need in real-time. Organisations can communicate more effectively by working together as one unified team through Slack. It enhances communication and collaboration across distances by enabling everyone to share documents, images and other assets across teams. By bringing all your team members together in your digital headquarters, connecting through Slack would break down silos and speed up communication. (2)


As the world adopted remote work in 2020, Zoom became increasingly popular. It’s an extremely popular platform for remote teams as well as web conferencing. It offers audio/video calls, chats, and interactive features, including reactions, all of which are easy to use.


Zoho CRM enables you to streamline your process, policy, and people within one platform to simplify your sales, marketing, and customer service activities. With Zoho CRM’s top-tier plans, you can access AI-powered tools. When it comes to contacting clients and prospects at the best time Zoho can be incredibly helpful. (3)


Using Trello, you can manage any type of project, workflow, or task with a single visual interface. Your team can add files, and checklists, and customise everything according to their needs.  There’s no need to rely on spreadsheets or reports to keep track of what’s being done. Just use boards, lists, and cards instead. In addition, you can seamlessly integrate with popular apps and services, you and your team can use, including Slack, Dropbox, Outlook, Gmail, Salesforce, InVision, Jira, and many more. (4)

Other Software

For task and project management, tools like Trello, Asana, and Redbooth offer Kanban and Gantt boards, as well as Calendar and Timeline views. You can also stay in touch with your colleagues and stay updated on all information in the same window. The ‘Conversation’ section of Asana allows you to share updates and comments. Pumble can be used to chat with colleagues and exchange ideas with them privately or publicly.

In addition to enhancing teamwork and communication, you can store important data about your projects, customers, tasks, and other activities and resources using a variety of features depending on the size of your team. You can streamline your daily processes regardless of whether you’re the team leader or an employee with the right team management tools.

If the team is still adapting to the new work models, co-working spaces might help bridge the communication gap. Co-working spaces are built to accommodate hybrid teams, with the best facilities and high-speed internet. It brings your team together to do their best work. Our coworking spaces are the perfect place for meetings and brainstorming with your team. BuzzWorks provides an ideal workspace for collaboration and productivity. We also have customizable plans that are built to vibe with your tribe. Check out our workspaces and plans today!




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