5 Things Employees Want From Their Employers That Makes Them Love Their Job!

Ever wondered why professionals switch careers to chase a passion? What makes skilled workers lose interest in their current position or decline a seemingly lucrative offer? What do employees look for in a job? While remuneration is the most rational answer, a rewarding job offer is more than just a pay cheque. Office culture, professional development, better work-life balance, etc., are equally important.

Why Do Brands Care For Employee Welfare?

Corporate magnates like Ari Weinzweig believe–

“If we don’t create a great place for people to work, they won’t do great work.” 

When the staff feels engaged, happy, and appreciated at work, they become more efficient and productive. In a post-pandemic world where the staff is gradually adapting to a hybrid work culture, their priorities and job expectations have changed. Here are some major non-monetary considerations for modern-day employees seeking jobs.

5 Things Employees Expect From Their Employers– Office Culture & Location Being The Most Important!

  • Work Location

Would you want to work in a dingy, cluttered, remote, and dull environment? It’s a major turn-off that hampers one’s creativity and thinking ability. Choosing the right location increases walk-ins, improves sales, reduces unnecessary stress for employees, and allows people to focus at work. A workplace set up in a desirable and well-connected location attracts new workers and motivates the older ones to stay happy, connected & satisfied.

  • Office Culture

Organizations with strong leadership & ethos, well-defined vision, realistic goals, and positive work culture inspire employees to move beyond their comfort zones to give their best. Beliefs, behaviors, interactions, values, and communications create a positive work environment. The result is a happy workspace where employees are more thoughtful, mindful, and collaborative. Consequently, they make better decisions, uphold the utmost integrity in dealings, and find ways to be more constructive.

  • Employee Benefits

According to Gallup’s historical workplace research, employee benefit is among the top five priorities of job seekers. Benefits (even the minor ones like office pets, team lunches, yoga breaks, coffee machines, personalized stationery, gift coupons, etc.) increase the happiness quotient and make employees feel appreciated for their contributions. Even if they receive low wages, additional facilities (like transport, daycare for children, family health insurance, sponsorship for higher studies, etc.), make their life easier. Thus, they’re more likely to stay at the company.

Nowadays, nearly all brands go above and beyond when offering employee benefits. Some even install vending machines, massage chairs, gaming stations, and relaxation lounges on their premises- isn’t that cool?

  • Flexibility

The latest Forbes survey suggests- “Job flexibility is an empowering benefit for 63% of employees today.” The freedom to work whenever & however they want and make independent decisions without being pushed is at par with many traditional job benefits. It improves an employee’s mental well-being, allows them to make the most of professional opportunities, develops critical skills, and creates work-life harmony.

  • Work-life Balance

Why do people work if not to provide for their families? What if they’re so engrossed in work that they don’t get quality ‘me time’ or ‘family time’? It results in a potentially stressed, demotivated, unsatisfied, and underperforming employee, who doesn’t know what to do. Therefore, maintaining a proper work-life balance is crucial for the staff’s well-being! The trending hybrid work culture is a great example of work-life harmony that allows professionals to work from home and the office in rotation. It reflects an employer’s trust in their employees, which is a great reward in itself. It’s also a great option for nursing mothers, sick workers, or care providers responsible for young kids and elderly parents.

Job satisfaction inspires company loyalty, stronger commitments, and better consumer relationships. Therefore, employers must focus on employees’ priorities for the long-term success of their brand.

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