Plug and Play Coworking Spaces and their benefits

An office is not just a place where your employees work, but a space that reflects your brand image, professionalism, and core values. This space has to have the right blend of aesthetics and functionality […]

MANAGED OFFICE SPACES are the new green hubs. Here’s How!

Sustainability – The word has been doing its rounds all over the place in recent years. Today, people realise the importance of a green lifestyle and are gradually adopting it in every walk of life. […]

Want to upgrade managed office space to a thriving workspace? Ergonomics is the answer!

The word ergonomic means ‘relating to or designed for efficiency and comfort in the working environment’. So naturally, an ergonomic workspace is designed to enhance employees’ productivity in the workplace. It has to meet their […]

5 Trends to Build the Coworking Culture

5 Trends to Build a Coworking Culture in an Organization

– Free wifi – Vibrant workspace – Flexible working environment   These are some of the facilities every millennial or Gen Z employee looks for. All these and much more are readily available in co-working […]

Importance of Indoor Air Quality for Office Buildings

However bad the pandemic may have been, it’s been a crucial teacher for us. The most important thing that it brought focus to is hygiene. Now everybody is way more cautious about their environment and […]

7 ways to celebrate holidays at a workspace

December – The holiday season of the year.   With the two significant celebrations Christmas and New year, everybody is always excited to end the year on a high note. This means taking time off […]

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