Why Coworking offices are the best place to work for freelancers?

Freelancers are free birds. They like doing things on their own, in their personal space. While it is a misconception that freelancers are rather less stressed than a regular 9-5 job person, it may not […]

How BuzzWorks is helping companies maintain social distancing

A new normal is settling in. In every aspect of life – whether we stay back at home, avoiding social contact as much as possible, or heading out to the office. Yes, offices have once […]

Lockdown: A bane or boon for managed office spaces?

Lockdown was here. We all faced it together. We all coped together. The toughest part was continuing work, from home. Now that the lockdown has opened, people are heading back to their offices again, everyone […]

Working from home: Coping with the loneliness

By now everyone has adapted to working from home. Some with their previous experience, but most of us due to COVID-19. With many merits of flexible working hours, working at one’s comfort and all, there […]

How To Manage Talent While Working Remotely

  Desperate times call for desperate measures.   That’s what we witnessed with the COVID-19 pandemic. The nation lockdown pushed everybody behind their doors. But to keep the economy running, work has to be continued. […]

Is online meeting 100% efficient?

When asked how the organizations are managing their work amidst lockdown? The expected answer would be; online coordination. And the biggest helping hand has been online audio and video calls through which people have been […]

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