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Creating a breakthrough idea is the key to building a successful business empire. The famous quote by Thomas Edison reads, “The value of an idea lies in the using of it”. Ideas and quick flashes of inspiration on the mind about how a specific product or service should be are often fundamental for most successful businesses. However, embracing new ideas starts with adopting a mindset. For that, your working environment plays a vital role in shaping the way you do business. 

A traditional office setup offers a closed office structure but does not walk hand in hand with modern-day requirements. And that is the reason why start-ups and budding entrepreneurs look for shared office spaces for rent that exude both vibrancy and productivity. Creating a positive environment is critical to your business. 

What is Shared Office Space? 

The concept of shared office space is creating a buzz nowadays among entrepreneurs. Shared office space is when two or more businesses share a commercial rented office. 

A shared office can be used by one or more people, but you can exclusively access space. Shared office space is also increasingly in demand as it can range from a small office with limited employees to a whole floor with multiple offices. 

These state-of-the-art shared office spaces for rent are designed for those who aspire to work on their freedom, resulting in increased productivity levels

Benefits of shared office space 

1.No long-term commitment 

Unlike Commercial spaces, the shared office spaces have small lock-in periods which are customized as per your needs. 


Today work-life balance is an important workplace attribute. Shared workspace benefits start-ups, freelancers, and agile companies by giving them flexibility. With flexible routines and schedules, one has the freedom to work on their agenda to fulfil the business goals and develop a better work-life balance. 

3.Better Networking and Business Opportunities 

Step into the professional community where meeting and interacting with like-minded people, exchanging ideas or problem-solving can happen at networking events or even during lunch hours. 


Renting a shared office space is a breeze for start-ups and businesses when compared to commercial offices as it is affordable. Many businesses have transitioned towards these flexible coworking relationships because of the cost factor. It reduces the additional operational costs that would otherwise be incurred in a standard private office.

5.Amenities & Services 

Shared office spaces for rent come with exclusive facilities like conference rooms, chill zones, and dry pantry which are always a bonus. They also provide power backup, high-speed Wi-Fi, and printing. Having a workspace that can provide more would make your work life so much easier. 

What to consider when looking for shared office space? 

Businesses are increasingly moving towards shared office spaces to increase productivity. There are few things to consider before securing one for yourself or your employees. They are: 

  • Location 
  • Budget 
  • Amenities such as Parking, Cafeteria, Conference Room 

Is Shared Office Space Right for Your Small Business?

A shared space is a better option rather than renting a conventional office and setting it up from scratch. An added advantage is that a social environment with shared tables creates a positive working atmosphere for you and your employees to work more effectively. 

Why choose BuzzWorks for shared office space or workspace? 

If you are looking for a space that is known for convenience, creativity, and a buzzing community then BuzzWorks is the best choice. 

BuzzWorks is an ideal choice for those who are looking for ready-to-use shared workspaces for rent. With plenty of facilities available like cabins and workstations, conference rooms, power backup, high-speed WIFI, and other office-like facilities, shared office spaces at BuzzWorks are open 24/7 (need basis) for you to get inspired to transform that ingenious business idea into reality. Our shared offices in Bangalore and Kochi are amazing places for you to work. Forward-thinking businesses are flocking to these shared office spaces. 

Are you ready to share learnings and laughter in a shared office space?


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