5 Trends To Expect In Co-working Spaces for 2022

2022 has been a year of change, especially in the way we work. Owing to the pandemic, people have now adapted to the “work from anywhere” philosophy. Today, flexibility in one’s workspace is a huge prerequisite. People want to work in spaces that offer technological and social amenities. And this is where co-working spaces become such a great fit.

With co-working spaces, a professional or even an entire team of people can access everything a traditional workspace would offer – comfortable seating, access to uninterrupted Wifi and power, access to food and refreshments, lockers for personal belongings, and much more.

Co-working is a convenient, smart, and now accessible option for many professionals. But what trends are predicted to become more standardised in 2022?

Let’s have a look at them:
  1. Sustainably Designed Spaces

More and more professionals are looking to work in spaces that employ sustainable methods and devices. Water conserving taps, indoor plants, toxin-free products, lesser use of plastic – these are some of the trends that are likely to pick up even more in 2022. The more effectively a co-working space is designed, the greater the opportunity to increase sustainability. With access to such workspaces, employees are going to look forward to coming to work everyday.

  1. Customised Co-working Plans

So far, most co-working spaces offer standard all-inclusive packages. Monthly and yearly subscriptions are currently the common models, but 2022 is likely to see a shift. With more flexible packages, like weekly, bi-monthly, and even per day options, co-working spaces will become a prime choice. Besides, co-working is a lot more flexible as a concept in itself, so custom packages give people the autonomy to pick the one that suits them best. This will work well for both companies and individuals.

  1. Fit for All Working Models

One can meet all types of professionals at a co-working space – Freelancers, entire companies, start-up founders, or even hosting one-off meetings. This way, people with all types of working models can use a co-working space in a way that suits them. In 2022, more co-working spaces are going to make it possible for various models to exist in harmony. This would include having flexible conference rooms, seating areas, technical gadgets, timings, and more. In this way, co-working becomes the most convenient and beneficial option to many.

  1. Latest Amenities and Technology

A co-working space can be successful only if it offers a package deal. Right from infrastructure to benefits for leisure, professionals want to be able to work in an effective environment. At the same time, technology holds a lot of value in workspaces. High speed internet, ample power sources, good network coverage – these are some of the important facilities people look for. This year, co-working spaces are definitely going to become more tech-friendly, work-friendly, and culture-friendly.

  1. Additional Perks and Benefits

Co-working spaces have the flexibility to be innovative with what they offer. In 2022, professionals can expect to see workspaces that are pet-friendly, suitable for kids, larger spaces for eating and leisure, free reading material, community building rooms, and even packages that are more reasonable and all-encompassing. With the number of co-working options increasing at an exponential rate, it will be important for these spaces to differentiate themselves and offer more.

Whether you are an individual looking for a comfortable workspace, a small team looking to fuel brainstorming sessions, or a full-stack company looking for a variety of amenities – co-working spaces have something to offer for everyone. And hence, with the new ways of working in 2022 and the years to come, co-working spaces are the smart and advantageous option.

Many of the Buzzworks spaces are also keeping up with the times, offering world-class facilities, making flexible work accessible, and ensuring tech is never a problem. The Buzzworks workspaces in Whitefield and Indiranagar, for example, combine modern design and hi-tech infrastructure for the best working experience.



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