6 Tips For Employees And Employers To Beat The Monday Blues At Work!

Feeling stressed and anxious on the first day of the week? Be on your best workplace behaviour and beat the Monday blues at work with these tips.

What Can Employees Do To Experience Happy Monday Vibes?

  • Finish All Your Major Tasks On Friday

While it’s impossible not to be excited on fun Fridays, it’s important that you finish the entire week’s tasks before the weekend and plan your “to-do list” for the upcoming week. This way, you can enjoy Saturdays and Sundays while remaining relaxed for the rest of the week.

  • Have A Relaxing Weekend

A balanced and relaxing weekend results in happy Monday vibes. You could use your Fridays to socialise and catch up with your loved ones. Go clubbing with friends or enjoy a movie night with your family. Finish the weekly chores on Saturdays (like doing the laundry, deep cleaning the house, or grocery shopping) and prepare for the next week. Make a list of tasks you wish to undertake, iron your work clothes, and plan the menu for your entire week’s meals. After all this, you could kick back and enjoy some “me time” on Sundays. Enjoy a delicious brunch, get an energising workout, or pamper yourself at the spa. Also, ensure that you’ve got plenty of sleep to feel well-rested on Monday morning.

  • Begin Your Monday Morning On A Positive Note

Start your week on a positive note. Make sure that you wake up early to be on time for work. An activity like a morning walk can be refreshing physically and mentally. Invest at least 10-15 minutes on meditation as study has proventhat it helps in mental wellness. . Lastly, enjoy a hydrating drink or a healthy  breakfast before you set out to get to your desk. .

  • Dress To Impress

Fashion psychologist Rose Turner, from London College of Fashion, recommends professionals reinforce their sense of self by dressing up in their best outfits. She believes that wearing something special to work improves concentration & confidence, and breaks the monotony of the day. It also fetches compliments from your colleagues, which makes you feel good about yourself.

  • Spread The Cheer At Work

Who says fun should be restricted to the weekends? Take a quick break to hang out with your colleagues when the day is about to get  exhausting. Sip on your favourite beverage or have lunch together to spread happy Monday vibes. You could also indulge in a quick game with your work friends if your office has a gaming lounge, or simply take a stroll across the campus to chat.

3 Ways In Which Employers Can Encourage A Positive Workplace Behaviour

  • Send An Inspiring Monday Email

Greet your employees by wishing them a positive and productive week at work. Your email could include a workplace joke, a funny meme, or a positive quote that inspires them to take on the day.

  • Start A Mid-week Ritual

Give your employees something to look forward to on Wednesdays and Thursdays. It’ll build up excitement for the rest of the week. You could plan a snack break, a mid-week potluck, a games evening, or an entertaining group debate for employees during the “happy hours” in the middle of the week. Send this plan on a Monday evening so your employees leave work with  cheer and something to look forward to.

  • Encourage Work-life Balance

Be the boss who encourages positive workplace behaviour and work-life balance. Approve leaves for family emergencies, acknowledge the good ideas of your subordinates, and appreciate them for their efforts. You could also arrange for luxuries that make employees feel happy and relaxed at work. E.g., comfy furniture, a well-stocked pantry with vending machines, a reading lounge, vibrant break-out areas, or meeting rooms with quirky/witty quotes, etc.

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