Conventional Office Spaces Vs Flex Office Spaces

The pandemic has changed the way businesses operate. It also has changed India’s economy. Businesses in Bangalore are shifting to new workspaces that ensure flexible working. Flexible office spaces for rent are rapidly gaining traction in Bangalore. Nowadays, companies demand different working styles, which may increase operational efficiency and improve employee health. It is estimated by the year 2025, all commercial spaces in India will have been converted into hybrid offices. As a result, there is a significant demand for flexible office spaces in Bangalore.  

According to a CBRE South Asia Report, India’s flexible office spaces are expected to grow 10-15% per annum over the next three years.

What are flexible office spaces?

Bangalore, being the IT hub is witnessing a significant shift in the way millennials and professionals work. Flexible office spaces are the preferred choice of companies as they create a seamless working atmosphere. Flexible office space is a fully serviced office that needs limited set-up time. It comes with dedicated workspaces, amazing amenities, and furnishings. There are different types of flexible spaces and they are hot desks, coworking spaces, dedicated desks, and private flexible offices.

There is no denying that many businesses are moving to work in flexible office spaces to meet their business needs more efficiently than ever.

Flexible office spaces are different from conventional office spaces

Before you jump into the pros of a flexible workspace, you need to know about conventional office spaces. Conventional office space is a private office space dedicated to one company. You can set it up based on your business requirements. Every employee has their own dedicated desk to work. You need to set up the office as per your needs and manage internet, utilities, and office furniture.

Unlike conventional office spaces, flexible office spaces offer the flexibility to increase or decrease the number of desks according to your business requirements. They provide networking opportunities to build your network and collaborate. Moreover, the office management and administration are well taken care of. Hence, you have more time to concentrate on the objectives of your business.

Why choose flexible office spaces over other office spaces

The first point is that flexible office spaces are cost-effective when compared to other office spaces. Secondly, these office spaces provide a lot of opportunities for networking and collaboration. Thirdly, the maintenance part of your office space is well taken care of. If you choose other office spaces, you need to shell out from your pocket for cleaning, internet, electricity, and other office equipment. There is a long-term commitment to other office spaces.

Flexible office spaces at BuzzWorks

BuzzWorks is the most preferred choice when it comes to flexible office spaces in Bangalore. If you want to transform your company’s work culture, flexible office space is the right choice as it comes with many perks. They include facilities like private cabins, workstations, conference rooms, power backup, high-speed WiFi, printers, scanners, and other office supplies. There are quiet areas where you and your team can focus on their work without distractions. The flexible office spaces foster creativity, collaboration, and knowledge sharing.

Businesses can easily upscale or downsize with flexible office spaces. You can opt for a monthly rental agreement that fits your business size and budget. Flexible office spaces come with a variety of options for you to choose the right space that suits your versatile business needs. BuzzWorks offers flexible workspaces in Bangalore including Rajajinagar, Brookefield, and Whitefield. Connect with us right away to work, embrace new ideas, and grow your business! Are you ready to become a part of our vibrant and buzzing community?


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