Coworking event ideas to boost community building

What defines a well-knit community is how we can define the success of a coworking space. When each and every employee comes together with a feeling of belonging and trust, there is an unspoken bond and effortless communication styles between colleagues, supervisors and subordinates. This is what a true spirit of a coworking space should feel like- positive, progressive, and professional. What is even better is, a well-bonded community of workers lowers the turnover rate, a factor that speaks volumes about the company culture.

Here’s a list of ideas you can incorporate into your monthly to-do list in order to build a robust community of coworkers.

Brunching right with coworkers
It’s true when they say good food is good mood and when you eat together, it usually means there is a chance to bond over it. So, organizing brunch or lunch get-togethers is a great way to foster togetherness and well-being. Apart from networking with like-minded individuals, it lets people relax and spend quality time cultivating camaraderie. Once in two weeks, shaking up the morning routine with waffles, pancakes, and coffee can keep your flock together.

Movie marathon on a weekday
A rom-com or action-comedy can help you unwind after a long day at work and add to the entertainment quotient. To keep your coworking community inspired and spark some fun, all a coworking space needs to do is pick a movie. Clubbing it with some snacks and popcorn definitely adds to the vibe. Movies like ‘The Intern’ or ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ are sure to set great examples and help coworkers prioritize their mental well-being and set boundaries in work life.

Burning calories together
Nothing serves better for productivity than a healthy mind. Conducting yoga sessions once a week, organizing an early morning run, or a class of Zumba will really help the employees de-stress and reroute from succumbing to a sedentary lifestyle. Arranging these fitness sessions will not only burn calories but bring your coworking community closer with a common goal of motivation.

It’s GAME-ON time!
Time for a game night, laughter, and fun! Once a month, taking a break from playing cards will take things to a whole new level. A space filled with high energy, engagement and happy faces is exactly what is needed to boost levels of creativity at work. Along with this, these games not only promote team building but help polish critical thinking skills, problem-solving & spatial abilities, and indulge in introspection. Here’s a list of games you can try at work.

Learn what’s on everyone’s mind
Being a part of panel sessions on trending or business topics is a great way to level up your general knowledge game without getting bored. You can start by moderating a session via an industry expert or a senior-level executive. Conversing with people with various viewpoints helps foster stimulating conversations, enhancing your learning curve and networking with professionals.

Show-off your skills with DIY workshops
Who doesn’t like to unleash their creative freedom as a little getaway from work? By organizing DIY workshops, your coworking community can collaborate, socialize and have fun. Without much effort, unique ideas like customized t-shirt printing are great to keep your group of enthu cutlets going.

Bringing employees together for work is slightly different and much easier than nurturing their team as a close-knit unit. It takes time and commitment to carry a relationship forward. If you have a coworking space to yourself, then it is expected that you prioritise group-led activities and events that are enjoyed by your team to promote a stellar work culture that attracts fun.



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