Design Ideas That Make Office Spaces Cool, Quirky And Fun

Gone are the days when people described offices as sterile, professional, or formal. Modern offices have now emerged as cool, creative, and quirky, with all the amazing in-house facilities to make work more productive and fun. Designing a cool office space doesn’t require you to spend a fortune. A little creativity and the right mix of nature, colors, themes, and furnishings can inspire employees to perform their best.

Why Do Employees Prefer Fun Work Spaces?

Havard research suggests that office infrastructure and aesthetics can influence an employee’s work efficiency, creativity, and overall behavior. A pleasant work environment benefits both the staff and the organization, as it–

  • Motivates people to think creatively
  • Boosts individual productivity
  • Improves socio-emotional health of individuals
  • Ensures better communication

Thus, ensuring better outputs and employee retention at work.

Here’s What Makes Employees Want To Come To Work Every Day!

  • A Fresh Environment

Nothing beats the feeling of coming to a clean, fresh, and fragrant workspace. Investing in green air purifiers is a great way to keep the inside air fresh. It reduces the risks of air-borne allergies and allows employees to take a relaxing breath and focus on work. Adding green, oxygen-rich plants is yet another way to improve air quality. Air fresheners are great investments too. They make the workspaces smell great and create a pleasant experience 24×7.

  • Quirky Work Areas

How do your employees and clients feel when they walk into your office? Do they feel welcomed, warm, and inspired to work? That’s how an awesome office feels!

Your office space is a reflection of your work culture and leaves a long-lasting impression on the visitors. You can create an out-of-the-box experience for the audience by employing an ‘edgy & cool’ industrial theme, with exposed bricks & ductwork, iron furnishings, vintage light fixtures, etc.

Add a quirky touch with funny-looking trash cans, accent tables, statement rugs, swag couches, personalized workstations with ergonomic chairs, comfy ottoman chairs, etc. You can also use different pop colors to distinguish individual sections, place eclectic furniture, install personally-commissioned artwork and display funny quotes to make it livelier.

  • Chill Zones

Fun office spaces are incomplete without ‘chill zones’ where one could just kick back and relax to rejuvenate for a long meeting ahead. Game rooms with fun games like Carrom, Chess, Othello, Foosball, Pinball, etc., create a great team-bonding experience for the staff. You can have a reading lounge with comfy bean bags & big bookshelves for fueling the young brains.

You could also design a ‘wall of motivation’ to beat the Monday Blues or a ‘team wall’ displaying the photos of team outings that would remind professionals of all the great times they spent at work. Having snack stations with coffee machines and colorful snack displays is an enticing way to ensure the staff takes a break to socialize with each other. The idea is to let the creative juices flow by keeping individuals sharp, focused, and energized throughout the day.

  • Access To State-Of-The-Art Gadgets

Having cool gadgets on a Wi-Fi-enabled campus ensures that the staff is well-connected and acquainted with the latest work technologies. Now that most offices are working on a hybrid mode, it doesn’t hurt to have swanky and practical gadgets. Items like portable laptop monitors, wireless charging stations, solar-powered units, smart pens, Wi-Fi scanners, etc., keep people charged at work.

There’s no ‘right way’ to design a workspace. You just need to be creative and try to keep things convenient, comfortable, personalized, and functional for the employees. Don’t forget to have fun while decorating your workspaces!

Searching For A Cool Office Space In Bangalore?

Buzzworks at Brigade Gateway, Rajajinagar, with its exclusive cabins, comfy workspaces, and relaxing zones, is just the place to work and unwind after an exhausting day. This vibrant shared office space in Bangalore includes all the state-of-the-art facilities (E.g. unlimited high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity, dry pantry, fun spaces, 24×7 power backup, professional tools and facilities, etc.) that keep the space brimming and buzzing with energy. Get in touch with us to set up the best co-working space for your team.


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