Employer-employee stance on Coworking Space

Have you ever imagined what your office space looks like? Unlike traditional office spaces, the most popular workspace is a coworking space – an innovative way of working. Do you know who coined the name “coworking”? Bernard DeKoven, in the year 1999, was the first to coin the term “coworking”. He was an American game designer, lecturer, and theorist. The main objective of a coworking space is to offer the freedom of working independently. It is a fact that the coworking space model is projected to double by 2025 globally. Flexibility is the key factor for companies, whether small or large, to move to coworking spaces for rent.

India is the third-largest start-up hub in the world. And the demand for coworking spaces in India is significantly on the rise. As a result, start-ups and large companies flock to real estate developers to seek flexible workspaces. The main reasons for the surge are short tenures, low capital investment, wellness, safety, low maintenance, and facility management.

No wonder the coworking concept will dominate workspaces in 2022 and is expected to go up to 4.2% by 2023. 

Employer stance over coworking space

Working under one roof with other companies is critical as coworking space comes with benefits. Employers have realized the actual value of coworking spaces. It is because employees experience higher levels of productivity at work. Also, coworking spaces help your businesses to make a positive impression on potential clients. These office spaces offer your employees a sense of professionalism and credibility. Let us take a closer look at coworking spaces in this blog.

According to the Harvard Business Review, “people who use coworking spaces see their work as meaningful.”

Imagine a scenario where you are walking all alone in the desert. Instead of walking alone, you see few humans walking before you. Would that be inspiring as you are not alone? Yes! When you work with like-minded people, you intend to acquire knowledge and ideas to accelerate your business to the next level. Similarly, with coworking spaces, you and your team are not alone as there are other professionals from organizations and freelancers working every day in a collaborative environment. Who knows, those people may give you the next big business idea? 

Don’t you think every individual benefits from a coworking space? Next comes a flexible working schedule that is a boon for employees because it enhances their productivity more than ever. So, it is time for employers to get out of their bubbles to build better businesses.

The importance of coworking spaces for employers and employees

Undoubtedly, both employers and employees reap the benefits of coworking spaces. Remember, unlike traditional office spaces, coworking spaces offer the freedom of work for you and your employees, and that is best for every individual. 

Take a quick peek into the benefits of coworking spaces:

  • Cost-effective for businesses
  • No long-term commitments
  • Enhances networking opportunities
  • Zero maintenance
  • Membership plans
  • Flexibility to professionals
  • Diverse space types

State-of-the-art coworking spaces from BuzzWorks are fully furnished and come with comprehensive plans customized to your business requirements. There is an array of plans for you and your team’s needs. The cutting-edge technology and design are perfect to drive your creativity and innovation to the best of your potential. BuzzWorks offers amenities like cabins and workstations, high-speed WiFi, 24×7 access, power backup, a dry pantry, conference rooms, and a printer and scanner.

Bangalore is a prime city for start-ups and modern businesses because of the ample opportunities for rapid growth. There are many iconic coworking spaces in Bangalore. Connect with BuzzWorks instantly to become a buzzing community!


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