How Happy Work Spaces Ensure Employee Wellbeing!

The post-pandemic world saw individuals struggling with stress, burnout, exhaustion, anxiety, anger, depression, etc., which didn’t just upset their lifestyle and work schedule but also their mental health. A global survey conducted by Mind Share Partners (a subsidiary of the Harvard Group), SAP, and Qualtrics revealed that the mental well-being of around 42% of participants had declined during the pandemic. Prior to lockdown, many big brands highlighted the importance of employee wellbeing programmes, and took several initiatives, e.g. counseling workshops, mindfulness exercises, team outings, etc. These interventions have become more significant and pronounced today, so much so that businesses have started re-modelling their spaces to create a happy and mentally stimulating work environment for the staff.

The results, as per the industry research, were positive. Changes in infrastructure and the environment have led to greater commitment and productivity at work. Wondering how you can achieve the same? Read on for tips on how to ensure wellbeing in the workplace.

How Does A Happy Work Environment Lead To Employee Wellbeing?

  • Aesthetically appealing interiors boost creativity (a key to brand survival) during team brainstorming sessions.
  • Happy and content employees are better at collaboration, analysis, and decision-making. They also handle adversity positively.
  • When the staff are exposed to relaxing elements, their work efficiency and negotiation skills improve.
  • Brands that promote wellbeing in the workplace experience better sales and employee retention.

How To Create A Mentally Stimulating Workspace For Employee Wellbeing

Sustainable Structures

A sustainable and well-ventilated workplace with access to natural sunlight, fresh air, pleasant aromas, and natural elements (like water, green plants, flowers, etc.) creates positive vibes. Businesses should also invest in renewable energy resources (like solar panels & heaters, electronic equipment with a 4+ star rating), as it creates a sense of responsibility towards the environment for employees.

Appealing Aesthetics

Colors are strong motivators that can instantly uplift or lower moods. Using happy colors like yellow or orange invokes warm feelings, while soothing mint green, aquamarine, and bubblegum pink relaxes the mind. When hues are combined with different textures, shapes, furniture placements, and elements (like glass, wood, ambient lighting, etc.), they can make a space appear larger, visually appealing, and soothing.

Provisions For Relaxation

Comfy furniture, a pantry well-stocked with healthy snacks, game lounges, reading spaces, spa chairs, quirky meeting rooms, gyms, etc., help boost employee wellbeing. They make individuals feel that they’re acknowledged and cared for, which inspires them to put their heart and soul into work.

Flexible & Well-furnished Workstations

Who doesn’t like a spacious workstation furnished with necessary stationery items and having access to cutting-edge technologies? Nowadays, brands have started investing in the latest hardware and software supplies to ensure employees can work as conveniently from home as they can in the office. Flexible and well-stocked workstations boost operational efficiency and save time that could be used for other important tasks.

Team Bonding Initiatives

Staff outings, happy hours, friendly meetings, team games, combined workout sessions, festive celebrations, fun games, etc., are some of the activities that help break the ice, especially when the team is new. They also give individuals the opportunity to socialize, collaborate, and get to know each other’s perspectives. Team bonding is essential for creating a positive, emotionally strong, supportive, and resilient work environment.

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