How Office Design Can Keep You Stress-Free

From old schooled grey and white cubicles to nap pods of modern times, workspace designs have changed dramatically over the past years. The focus of office interior design is shifting from classic traditional offices to modern and vibrant workspaces that focus better on the productivity and well-being of employees.

Workspace stress is becoming a common source of tension among people and a hurdle for the productivity of businesses. Firms must make suitable office design measures to support employees’ welfare and reduce work-related stress. 

We give you a few tips to ensure your office design keeps your employees stress-free and healthy.

How Can We Make Workspaces Stress-Free? 

A stress-free workspace is highly important for employees’ health and productivity. It not only helps create a positive environment but also increases the prosperity of the business. Here are a few ways to make your workspace stress free – 

Vibrant Office Design

The changing culture and workload demand a change in physical office space due to the direct impact on employees, and wise businesses understand the benefits of healthy employees. There has been a call for more vibrant office designs that positively affect the workspace environment. Vivid room layouts, de-cluttered working areas, and relaxing zones can help in creating a lively atmosphere.

Natural Lights

The insufficiency of natural light in offices is a significant factor contributing to employee productivity loss. Studies have shown that natural light regulates human physiology and improves circadian rhymes. Since humans spend 90% of their time indoors, the lack of daylight harms the sleep cycle. 

This results in poor cognitive functions and damaging effects on health, such as heart disease and poor immunity and so abundant natural light is a necessity for employees’ good health. In addition, natural light reduces the need for artificial light, saving energy and firms resources. 

Indoor Environment

When talking about stress-free office design, the indoor environment is where everything matters. An indoor environment that is calming and comfortable for the employees helps build positivity and brings better results. This can be done in many ways:

  • Colour Scheme

An office with clinical white walls creates pressure and a feeling of anxiety. Calming colors like blue or green, even some artwork or graffiti, promotes a sense of tranquility and boosts productivity. 

  • Plants

A bit of green never hurts. Biophilic coworking space designs are a great way to reduce stress, improve mental health and reduce absenteeism. In addition, plants increase air quality by increasing oxygen levels which helps with mental fatigue.

  • De-Stressing Zone

What is better than some relaxing time after hectic working hours? De-stressing zone is very helpful for employees to take their time away from desks and computer screens to unwind and recharge.

Indoor Activity

Encouraging healthy indoor activities to keep people active and energized is amazingly beneficial for increasing workflow. One great activity can be office gyms. Providing fitness services at work builds a feeling of vigor and directly enhances employees’ vitality. It also benefits in building better mental and physical health.

Tech-Enabled Office

Workspace Technology helps businesses operate smoothly. Tech-enabled offices will ensure employees manage their workload, make effective action plans to complete tasks, and increase productivity. In addition, it will enable better communication and employee engagement. 

How Buzzworks Spaces Contribute To A Stress-Free Environment?

We at Buzzworks understand the importance of employees’ health and well-being and the gravity of a stress-free working environment.  Therefore, keeping these points in mind, we customize your office designs according to your needs. With our talented professionals continuously working to build a comfortable office workplace, Buzzworks is among the top coworking spaces in Banglore


Now that you have a good idea about how to keep your workspace stress-free, what are you waiting for? Include these office designs in your workspace that will cater to the needs of your employees and help them have a good time at the office and work without much stress. Check it out now!  


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