Importance of amenities at Workspaces

Workspaces may seem to be simple, but there is a lot to consider when choosing where you will work. When looking for the perfect office space, it is important to look for all the different aspects of the office and the amenities they provide. The more assistance and convenience are provided to the employees, the better their productivity and work-life balance will be. The importance of office amenities cannot be overlooked. There are several facilities provided that are quite important to improve the overall office environment; a few of them are discussed below. 

Amenities in coworking spaces 

  • Game room

Having a game space at the office not only helps employees to rejuvenate and increase their productivity, but also is a place to build a relationship with the team and improve communication. Game rooms can be used as a zone where employees de-stress and enhance creativity and innovation. It will increase job satisfaction and elevate the efficiency rate. 

  • Conference room

Conference rooms are a basic amenity that all companies must provide. They usually should have a big conference room and a few small ones to conduct daily meetings. A well-equipped conference room can be utilised in various forms; we can use it as a space for recruiting new employees, conducting board meetings, and as rooms to communicate with clients. The AV system integration must be in place to interact conveniently with employees. 

  • Cafeteria

The cafeteria is an essential amenity that companies must provide. It is another place where employees can relax with a cup of coffee or a snack and socialise with their friends or other team members. Employees have started to be health conscious, and providing healthy food can help them be fit and increase work yield. Taking breaks for refreshments can help them reduce stress and have a fresh mind while working.

  • Security

Security is one of the most important amenities in the workspace. As offices store valuable information, it is important to have surveillance 24/7. Companies should provide a safe environment for employees and clients while ensuring that their data is safe and secure in the building. Security staff must record who is entering and leaving the building. Multiple layers of protection must be in the location to ensure no data from the work premises is leaked.

  • Wi-Fi 

Wi-Fi is the most crucial as they help employees work in a secure network. They can be sure that the data is protected from sharing on the LAN system. It increases efficiency and flexibility in the workspace. With wireless connections, staff can sit in different places and still work, such as in meeting rooms, conference rooms, and cafeterias. Data allocation and distribution gets convenient as Wi-Fi is compatible with most devices.

  • Open green spaces

Open green spaces in the workplace is important for multiple reasons. Studies have shown that access to nature increases employee satisfaction and engagement and reduces stress. It is essential for a healthy and vibrant urban environment. It provides city dwellers with a place to escape from the hustle. Plants and trees can be a source for naturally cooling the area and providing shade.

Importance of amenities at the workspace

  • High Productivity: Employee productivity will certainly increase when the office atmosphere enhances. The staff can focus on work without distractions; there will be less stress and more performance.
  • Work smart: Employees can work smarter without squandering time when advanced technology is installed in the workspace. It helps them stay up-to-date on recent activities.
  • Tech Enabled: Technology has changed how we operate and work in our daily lives, especially in the office and Wi-Fi is a basic amenity that must be provided; this helps the staff stay connected and increases productivity.
  • Improves collaboration: Collaboration is one of the most vital components in the workspace. Working together as a team makes it easier to complete tasks on time without any errors and also increases the quality of work.
  • Employee Engagement: When employees are kept sufficiently engaged at work, they are more focused and committed to the job and productivity increases.


In conclusion, amenities are an essential part of modern living. They provide convenience and comfort to those who use them and improve our quality of work in the workplace. Buzzworks is the best option if you need an ideal and flexible coworking space with all the amenities provided. We have comprehensive plans that can be tailored to your business requirements. Our buildings are designed to be suitable for both startups and enterprises. Rajajinagar, Brookefield, and Whitefield are some of the coworking spaces in Bengaluru. We have well-equipped office locations in Bengaluru and Kochi, with cutting-edge technology implemented to help your businesses rank high. We at Buzzworks tend to keep things simple, quick, and digital. Our amenities include cabins, workstations, a dry pantry, conference rooms, game and chill zones, power backup, 24/7 access, high-speed Wi-Fi, and more. To know more about the spaces, fill out the enquiry form or book a tour and get the best deals.


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