Is your coworking space catering to customers up to its potential?

Customer Relationship Management has been a cornerstone for any brand, no matter what industry it comes from. In the coworking industry, several brands come together under one roof to seamlessly integrate without compromising on the effectiveness of relationships. Offering superior services to your customers is pivotal in boosting overall satisfaction levels among members to further expedite the overall headcount of your space.

Great customer service largely depends on your workspace design and the technology that boosts productivity along with some vibrant experiences to foster well-being. With that in mind, let’s delve into some of the most popular hacks that offer top-notch services in coworking spaces to enrich employee experience throughout the day.

Defining the workspace atmosphere
When your workspace is built on a foundation of solid business etiquette and communication channels, customers are more likely to have a positive experience. No matter what business you are in, the most impactful way to acquire new talent, and retain existing ones is by retaining customers. Once they feel valued, they are sure to climb up the loyalty ladder from being prospects to advocates and bringing new customers with them.

Choose digital management systems
If there is one thing that has taken customer relationship management to the next level, it is the digitalization of processes. It is vital to invest in technology as coworking spaces can benefit from using digital channels to improve customer experience. It streamlines a lot of processes from scheduling, cancellations, space availability, tracking client base and more. This simple way of automation can do wonders for everyday operations, offer better time utilization, and ensure a zero-error customer experience. 

Design a member loyalty program
As per a report by Statistica, 55% of customers are still loyal to their first-ever coworking space. Because, at the end of the day, experience is everything for any customer. When a service received by the customer in coworking comes with complete satisfaction, it leaves people with a strong positive impression and brand loyalty. In a later stage, incentivising their commitment to your workspace can be a great step. To build a deeper connection, you can provide them with freebies, charge a discounted rate, or surprise them with a little treat at work! 

Adapt customer responsiveness
The most important lesson in customer relationship management revolves around our availability and effective responsiveness. It is vital to any business as it defines your coworking space in a market full of service sectors. Ensure that there is a continuous and timely check on follow-ups, approvals, appointments, solving concerns, and change of schedules, and keep them informed in every way possible. Customers are looking for ways to make life simpler, and more convenient. Providing solutions and addressing all their issues well in time can surely be a game changer.

Invest in your workspace interiors.
First impressions are often the last impressions too. If there is anything that comes before your service, it is how well your coworking space is designed. Add some stellar interior décor, breakaway areas, and amenities to unwind you can be certain it will smartly strategize and always cater to your business requirements.

While presenting your clients with the best customer experience can be challenging, it is certainly not impossible. By focusing on the practices mentioned above, any coworking space can build strong relationships with a wide range of clients by keeping them goal-driven and having a positive attitude all throughout.

Happy Coworking!


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