Millennials love the culture

Millennials love the culture of nomadic coworking spaces

Millennials are naturally inclined towards organisations that offer flexible working conditions, a hybrid model that revolves around well-designed co-working spaces and working from home. With that said, what makes co-working spaces so attractive for millennial workers? Because they are a breakthrough for any millennial. What lies at the essence of a coworking space that appeals to millennials with flexibility, comfort, and meaningful engagement is primarily why millennials love the idea of coworking.

The factors listed below are now considered to be quintessential and are trending popularly among contemporary millennials:

Who doesn’t love it when work meets play?
In order to harbour a lively and inspiring work culture, coworking spaces are now redefining everything from design to ambience to boost employees’ motivation and productivity levels on a day-to-day basis. According to an HBR study, a whopping 94% of millennials reported working for over 50 hours a week. Get-togethers, and group activities across various floors with some music and a lively ambience bring a feeling of excitement that often gets skipped due to workload.

Networking opportunities in a diverse workspace
Coworking spaces are designed to cater to a population of fresh & creative minds who seek more than a decent work experience. Hundreds of people with constantly changing demographics occupy the same work location making it an ideal place to socialise massively and meet new people in a professional setup. Hence, a socially-driven millennial loves the idea of collaborating with employees from various professions.

Accessible spaces that provide a sense of freedom
It’s no surprise that millennials seek convenience. A kind of convenience that comes with independence and personalization. Coworking spaces like Buzzworks allow individuals to rent a space for a customised period without any restricting force of timelines and to function at their own preferred span of time. The idea of being nomadic with respect to workspaces and moving freely across cities offers a sense of freedom to millennials.

Fewer administrative responsibilities
Being a millennial comes with a deep-rooted apprehension of the monotony of routine work such as cleaning, paying bills and dealing with the maintenance of any kind. This behavioural cue explains why the millennials and Gen X are shifting towards coworking spaces where they are free from any routine responsibilities associated with the administrative hassle and can just walk in, take up their workstation and get started for the day in full action.

Cost and resource effectiveness
Coworking office spaces are relatively more cost-effective with respect to traditional full-office counterparts. Getting a humongous office space can be rather expensive whereas leasing a property will cost some lakhs a month especially if the location is prime. Whereas in coworking space, you simply need to rent a place for flexible time duration and spend only on what you asked for a fraction of the price. Coworking space offers the opportunity to rent out specific rooms or halls for planned events or meetings. Hence, you can very well manage the resources that you possess and avoid any unanticipated hidden costs.

Customised office space & designs
Managed workspaces that are tastefully planned to cater to the needs of everyone from millennials to Gen Z. No one wants restrictive and isolated cubicles anymore, hence the layouts are now more open and widespread with fun work props to keep things trendy. Open terrace cafeterias, biophilic designs, ambient lighting, and fun colour play with interiors keep the spirits high and foster a hard-to-miss experience in coworking spaces.

Attractive city-centric locations
“I don’t like luxury”, says no millennial ever. Dramatically designed coworking spaces have given every reason for young individuals to sign-up for them. Sitting on the 22nd floor in a convenient location in a well-connected urban-centric zone with no worry of commuting is the dream of every millennial. It’s only human to gravitate towards working spaces that are established in areas of great connectivity.  And the cherry on the cake, how lucky would you be if you could simply walk back home?

This blog highlights various amenities and perks offered by shared or “managed” coworking spaces to today’s millennial workforce. Since these spaces are infused with opportunities for self-development for baby boomers, millennials are naturally driven towards coworking spaces. It is directly linked to higher productivity and comfort in a work situation. By renting out spaces in a cost-effective manner, millennials are attracted to customise office designs with a collective vision of thriving as a business. If the workspace design fits right, it’s almost like a match made in heaven.



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