Mistakes to avoid while choosing a shared office space in Bangalore

Why shared office spaces?

 Using a shared office space is an ideal choice for companies who are constantly expanding. There are many benefits to using a shared office space. The company administration does not have to worry about building maintenance and amenities. The buildings are designed to have a great working environment with vibrant colors and modern outlines. There are many important points to look out for when choosing the right office space for your company. You might also want to avoid certain disadvantages which could lower the morale of employees and lead to losses, in the worst case scenario. If you are looking for shared office spaces in Bangalore, you will find that there are numerous across major localities, but ensure that you avoid these mistakes when choosing the right office space for your company. 

Mistakes to be avoided when choosing an office space

These are some of the mistakes you should avoid when choosing an office space – 

  • Selecting a distant location

Selecting a location that is on the outskirts of the city may become a big hassle for your employees. Travelling to and fro between the workplace could take anywhere from two to three hours which is precious time that could instead be spent in the office and with their families.  It is ideal to select a location that is in the heart of the city and easily accessible from most localities as it saves time and provides ease of travel. It helps if the office is close to food and beverage outlets  and public transport. Our office spaces for rent in Bangalore are located at prime places including Rajajinagar, Whitefield and Brookefield, making it ideal in terms of location. 

  • No proper Infrastructure

Choosing an office space with no proper infrastructure could lower the morale of the employees. One of the advantages of sharing an office space is its infrastructure availability. If you are expanding your company in a new city or in a new branch in the city, or just expanding your services and need an office space for rent, you will be saved from the trouble of having to design an office space from scratch and acquiring office infrastructure. Our office infrastructure at Buzzworks features cutting edge technology with high speed printers, scanners and vibrant seating areas, which will help boost the morale of employees.

  • No security options

No security options in a shared working space would be a great disadvantage.  A top notch security system with security guards well placed at each gate and CCTV cameras in each room is a must for any office building. The designers should ensure that the buildings are women friendly. Safety of private company data may also be a concern for company owners when sharing office spaces. Our buildings are equipped with top notch security systems to ensure the safety of your company’s files as well as personnel. 

  • No Amenities

Amenities such as well-stocked snack rooms, cafeterias, lounges and resting areas are a must-have for shared office spaces. Make sure to look for these features when choosing a space for your office. It is also important that there are meeting rooms – small meeting rooms for one on one meetings and larger meeting rooms for group meetings. Ensuring such amenities are in place makes the office more employee oriented. Having a secure and well planned parking system in place saves the hassle of employees having to rent parking places elsewhere or waiting in long queues to be able to park their vehicles. 


Make sure to check out our shared office spaces in Bangalore which feature premium amenities, cutting edge technology and high-tech infrastructure.


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