The Top Benefits Of Working In A Serviced Office Space

A serviced office space can be a  feasible option for businesses that are looking for fully managed or serviced workplaces. The serviced office spaces in Bangalore are not just fully managed but also have technology and maintenance services that make them convenient workplaces. Many employees have moved on to working remotely and that has made many companies reconsider what workplaces should deem fit . For a lot of them, a serviced office space has proven a viable option not just from a cost aspect but also a productive one.

What Is A Serviced Office?

A serviced office space is an office space that is leased and comes fully furnished and equipped. You can move in quickly in a serviced office and make it your workplace. Getting into a serviced office space is easy and can work out well for small businesses, entrepreneurs, start-ups and even established firms . A single service provider  is in charge of the fully serviced office space for rent.  The charges  include amenities such as high-speed internet connectivity, food and beverages offerings, housekeeping services, and more.

Who Typically Uses a Serviced Office?

Any business can use a serviced space because it is easy to do so. Those who typically do so are:

  •       Start-ups: The option of managed/serviced office space in Bangalore, has made made business life easier for a lot of start-ups and first time entrepreneurs. Serviced offices come furnished and equipped with all the amenities required so start-ups can operate at a much lower cost.
  •       Businesses expansion to New Markets: Serviced offices also are great for businesses that are looking to expand to new markets. A well-equipped workplace that is affordable lets a business study the market well before launching. Serviced office spaces, also gives any business an edge while considering expansion under same roof. 
  •       Project-based Teams: Smaller teams managing projects on-site also typically look for such serviced office spaces because setting it up does not take any effort.
  •       Pop-up Companies: Today, many companies work on pop-up mode, especially the ones who deal in the retail sector. For them, getting a services office space at an affordable price lets them concentrate more on business which is time saver .
  •       Companies Experiencing Growth: For companies that are going through a growth spurt, such spaces can work best. It lets them expand and collaborate in an amicable and vibrant environment.

Benefits of A Serviced Office Space

Serviced office spaces offer businesses a myriad of benefits. Some of the most important ones are mentioned below.


Choosing such an option is highly cost-effective. When you take into account the deposit money and monthly rents you have to cough up for a commercial rental property, such serviced office spaces  work out a lot cheaper. Go with a plan that suits your requirements and allow you to save on money.

Flexible Lease Periods

Another benefit businesses enjoy is a flexible lease period. You can rent an office space for as less than   a monthto a year and more. Also if you are looking for  long term rentals, your lock in periods are short.

Adjustable Working Hours

When you choose a good  serviced office space provider , you can  use the space 24 hours a day. These  flexible spaces are designed to suit your convenience and give you the leeway to operate in a customisable schedule.  

Access To Everything Needed To Run A Business

Facilities like high-speed internet connectivity, printers, computers, electricity, desks, chairs, and meeting rooms are available in such services office spaces. You don’t have to spend money on setting up tangible assests but rather make best use of the amenities provided while at work.

Great Locations

When your office is located at a premium business area, not only does it make  commuting a breeze for yourself and your employees, but also bodes well for your business appearance.


Businesses that utilise such services office spaces l enjoy a boost in productivity soon.


Serviced office spaces provide ample opportunity for businesses to network and collaborate in a shared office environment

Modern, State-Of-The-Art Facilities

Choose a good coworking company and enjoy world-class facilities that make you do business a lot more efficiently.


Serviced office spaces are the future as real estate prices go through the roof in India. When you choose Buzzworks as your coworking partner, you get a vibrant and joyous workspace that exudes as a positive catalyst to your business growth.


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