Top hybrid-model picks to let you work seamlessly

Top hybrid-model picks to let you work seamlessly

The workplace of 2022 looks nothing like it did 2 years ago. We are talking closed, jam-packed floors full of employees working from 10-8 for 5 days a week. It was streamlined and defined one’s reality of work life. And here we are today-  with TWO working days from the office and as far as the rest of the week is concerned, it’s yours to conquer. While you juggle between daily work tasks, sitting with your laptop in one place can feel extremely overwhelming and hamper your productivity, especially when confined to the four walls of our homes. Coming to your rescue, are specially designed coworking spaces that can help you find the perfect balance between work and play, here’s a list of places that can help you destress for optimal productivity.

Find your type of special co-working space
Speaking of ‘special’, there are a few factors that are prerequisites and some, are highly distinctive. Technology, a basic cafeteria, and a pool table are now considered to be basics. With the overshooting trends of coworking spaces, there needs to be a ‘wow factor for a place to be called a perfect coworking space.

Spruce up the space to augment the work-play balance
The only way to achieve that is by working extensively on the interior design of a coworking space. From seating arrangements spanning desks to bean bags, pet-friendly offices and recreational zones with swings is what’s ‘special’. With a creative burst of designs, coworking spaces like BuzzWorks are offering a holistic working experience that is truly called for in the present.

Going the extra mile for a stress-free day at work
Shared office spaces are now stepping out of the ordinary and providing some out-of-the-box services to ensure holistic employee welfare and satisfaction. Usually, individuals carry their personal commitment baggage to the workplace and aren’t always “fully present” due to added responsibilities. But what if they were guaranteed a stress-free day at work by striking out half their worries? Services like babysitting, financial advisories, allowing pets in workspaces and additional bank services help attract individuals heavily to a coworking space.

Diversifying the co-working reach
Unlike the traditional single-unit setup of an office, setting up offices in multiple locations can be a real game-changer. Why? Because individuals now are observed to pick a co-working space that’s spread across multiple locations. For instance, jobs that are project-based or frequent flyer entrepreneurs are very keen on multi-city locations. As coworking spaces are high in demand, it is the right time to diversify across geographies and offer multi-city memberships.

Apart from these coworking spaces cranking up a notch to ensure that people avail for themselves the best of a hybrid style of working, the team at Buzzworks has accumulated a list of unconventional places that will help you take a break from the everyday flurry.

Hitting the local city library

  1. If you are someone who likes to work in solitude, away from the humdrum of daily life, then a local library is the place for you. Known to be a “Keep Silence” zone, this evergreen workspace lets you perform your daily tasks with 100% focus, free of cost.
  2. Libraries these days have a free Wi-Fi connection and dedicated study rooms to offer a hint of a professional desk set-up to work. Not only does the ambience of a library keep you attentive, but it also lets you pick and read your favourite book if you plan on a break time.

Book an Airbnb that’s made for you

  1. A nearby town or your favourite hill station is just a click away. You can book an Airbnb to take the much-needed break from the monotony of working from the same desk for straight-up two and a half years. 
  2. With a plethora of interior-design options available, you can pick if you’d like to have a cosy fireplace, artificial waterfalls, a sea-facing view, or all three at once. A setup with great interiors does the trick and makes for a great choice to work.
  3. In case you wrap up work early, you are free to explore the city you are in.

Pick a museum and take WFH to a whole new level

  1. An unconventional yet realistic choice for work is museums or multi-art centres that are now fully equipped with free Wi-Fi, charging stations, and work desks to let individuals work in a refreshing atmosphere with greenery, peace and art.
  2. An article by The Hindu highlighted the innovative step called ‘Work From Museum’ taken up by the Indian Music Experience(IME) museum in Bengaluru. It is open as a working premise for a nominal fee of Rs. 250 per day.

    IME’s director Manasi Prasad stated, “After a point, people might get bored of working in the same surroundings. The silence, greenery, and the musical exhibits can inspire people and help them be more focused,

It is natural to feel burnt out by sitting in one place for 24 hours for more than a year. While WFH comes with its own limitations, these extremely cool & spontaneous options for coworking spaces can lift your spirits and have you getting up from your bed, decking up, and stepping out to a newer, invigorating work environment. The good news is, when it comes to picking a workspace of your choice, the sky’s the limit! After all, what could be better than coming back from a long day of work & play only to curl back to your couch to catch some z’s?





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