How the trend is shifting to managed office spaces & how BuzzWorks Kochi plays a part

“I save a lot on rent and love to work in an open and inspiring environment.”

“The closed conference rooms are perfect for meetings, while the open sitting spaces are ideal for connecting with people.”

These are some feedback from people working in managed working spaces.
And they stand true. The ecosystem of a managed office space offers various benefits to the employees. From traditional office space, we’ve shifted to a more flexible one. Co-working was a hot space initially, as people started looking for more flexible space. But according to a JLL report, its ‘short size, short-stay’ model is not sustainable for businesses. Hence, slowly the co-working spaces are evolving into a more systematic yet flexible space – into a managed office space. Managed office spaces are the future of flexible office space, with a lot of potential to accommodate startups and SMEs.

What’s unique about the managed office space is that it provides a collaborative environment to work in, something the millennials and Gen Z aspire to get. After the lock down and its economic impacts, offices will look to a place that is affordable and free of operational hassles. And let’s not forget the psychological impacts of COVID-19. Employees have been working from home alone. Now they need a network where they can reconnect with their peers safely.

The facilities and amenities of a managed space lure the youth of India to rent these places instead of traditional offices. This is one of the main reasons that the startup culture of India is today reflected in the managed office ecosystem.

According to Startup India, India is the 3rd largest startup ecosystem in the world, and its growth expectation is expected to be 12-15% YoY growth. In 2018, India
had about 50,000 startups, and around 1300 new tech startups bloomed in 2019 alone, meaning that 2-3 tech startups are born every day. Such an exponential growing tech sector needs a place with equal opportunity for growth, flexibility, and openness to accommodate their vision.

In short, what we need today is a smart office. A smart office has everything a business needs, efficient workstations, closed conference rooms, IT infrastructure, recreational zones, cafeteria, open and green spaces, and more. After the COVID-19, businesses will look for a better space option.

And a managed office space is an ideal smart office for everybody. The flexibility and amenities it offers are in par excellence. With a touch of the traditional system of providing separate office space, it brings in a lot of freedom and other benefits to attract employees.

BuzzWorks has all the perks of a managed space. BuzzWorks takes care of all the needs of the offices accommodated under its roof. The offices get personalized attention to make the working hours as smooth as possible for its people. All the BuzzWorks space enjoy some common facilities like:

● Cabins and workstations
● Pantry
● Conference rooms
● Games and chilling zones
● High-speed Wi-Fi
● Power backup
● Printer and scanner
● 24*7 office access

BuzzWorks Kochi office is located in Four-Points by Sheraton Hotel. Located in the heart of the city, the location proves to be ideal for people as it connects them to the rest of the city, making commute easy for them. BuzzWorks Kochi is a premium managed office space, designed to offer a rich working experience to all.

Since the office is located within a 4-star hotel, you must be thinking it holds some special amenities. Guess what? You’re right. Apart from the basic BuzzWorks
facilities, this office includes the rich amenities of the hotel. Something to look for, right? Let’s have a peek at what the office offers to its people there.

1. Gym and Massage service – With gym available under the same roof as their office, employees can hit their gym right after, before, or even during office hours, saving their time. You can also have a relaxing session and get that much-needed head massage.

2. Infinity Pool – Can you imagine? An infinity pool at the workspace! Something to boast off to your friends, right! Also, an exquisite way to vent off some steam and workload once in a while. A truly rejuvenating workspace!

3. Restaurant – If you’re bored with your tiffins or office pantry, then you can have a nice lunch with your colleagues at the restaurant in the hotel.

The trend is shifting to a managed working environment, and it is only going to grow stronger with all the hassle-free benefits it offers, along with a safe space. Today the majority of the workforce is the younger generation, which adores and craves such an inclusive space. It gives them the breathing space and the freedom to think and explore new dimensions to their business. That’s why we see more and more start-ups taking over managed spaces to run their offices. BuzzWorks strives to provide a premium working environment so people can focus on growth and enjoy while working towards their goals.


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