Turn your coworking space into a community

Contemporary offices have made remarkable progress on employee satisfaction quotient in a world that revolves around positioning employees towards a state of optimal productivity. Tech giants, startup firms, and freelancers are all choosing coworking spaces over a traditional office setup. 

According to an article by Forbes, Steven Cohen, the founder and CEO of Nomanworks, placed a heavy emphasis on the importance of hospitality and a ‘sticky’ ecosystem. The members of the Buzzworks community are accessible to a wide range of indoor and outdoor social infrastructure that is built to foster collaborative interactions. Unparalleled to any other workspace in the country, the designs are focused on the sustenance of a healthy work-life balance of employees under one roof. 

Here is a list of proven ways in which you can turn your coworking space into a close-knit community –

Share your skills over sessions:
Coworking places are all about bringing people from different professions together under one roof. By conducting professional workshops, members of different organizations come together, network and work in collaboration in order to sharpen their skills. Sharing these skills boosts employee motivation and makes them feel like a part of a community at the same time. From photography to cybersecurity, professional workshops on such skills can be conducted for any given group of people.

Flag-bearers for the fraternity: Community Managers
Introducing community managers to your workplace can do wonders in creating a wonderful coworking community. From organizing and supervising the execution of networking events, workshops, and get-togethers, these flag-bearers of the community can overlook everyday activities like welcoming new joiners and focus on relationship building to ensure that the people are working in harmony within the close-knit community. These coworking advocates don’t just focus on leading employees towards belongingness but also on promoting the coworking space across several platforms as brand ambassadors.

Create a robust online presence: Virtual community on social media platforms
Social platforms are a part of our everyday lives. If we are to go beyond formal office setups, the only way to connect employees is through online communities. Apart from WhatsApp, your businesses can grow tremendously with an official Instagram account where all your employees can come together and perform for posts, reels, or Live sessions. It also allows your customers to know what is happening behind the scenes and they feel more connected to you as a brand. This extends to building an online presence for your coworking space too. From handling everyday management to sharing newer ideas for social events, workspace-related issues, can all be very well managed through a virtual community. Besides being an excellent ice-breaker, it will help keep things streamlined for everyone.

Happy hour ft. food, fun and frolic: 
Isn’t it great to picture your coworking community under one roof where employees are building meaningful relationships and celebrating collectively? That is exactly what coworking spaces need. Within a fixed budget and some effort, your coworking space can become a medium of togetherness. Workspaces like Buzzworks have created specific zones for people to experience leisure and connect over newer perspectives outside their work domain, a culture of support and friendship.

Upgrade your induction styles
Being a new member of a coworking space can be overwhelming, given the diversity of professionals. So it is important to welcome them with a spirit of enthusiasm to lift their motivation and excitement to work. A welcome note or a small ‘meet n greet’ is a great way to start. You can give new members a tour of your coworking space, simplify the process of software/app access and more. For the existing employees, it is always great to understand their needs via surveys or feedback. This will help the coworking space to give them exactly what they are looking for.

While the real estate industry is undergoing a paradigm shift towards a framework like never before, employees are ready for it.  In the Indian commercial property markets, coworking spaces like Buzzworks thrive on the idea of community building.  They are set to be a part of a network that links people forming a community of like-minded individuals. Coworking spaces are making way for idea generation & sharing, discussing challenges & problem-solving, a celebration of success and allowing room for increased leisure opportunities.



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