Why are coworking spaces a medium of growth for people?

There has been a popular ongoing debate about various models of work. While the baby boomers and Gen X prefer working in a traditional setup, a whopping section of today’s workforce is taken up by millennials. And we all know how millennials love to work in a spirit of adventure!

In the Journal of Organizational Behavior, a study found that the average score for “levels of thriving” in coworking spaces was 6 on a 7-point scale. This average had highly surpassed the average ratings of employees who were asked to rate in a traditional setup. Evidently, coworking spaces are considered extremely effective for the holistic welfare of employees.

Let’s take a look at the distinctiveness of coworking spaces and what makes them so special-

Work feels more meaningful for individuals

Gone are the days when employees focused solely on what their task list for the day looked like. Now it’s more about them. Beyond the traditional office setups, coworking spaces welcome different industries, cultures and ventures. This eliminates the chances of unhealthy conflicts based on power and politics, thereby making coworking spaces a “one size fits all”. As a result, employees feel more confident with their distinctive contributions and specific skill sets in a coworking space that comprise a myriad of professions. This extends to behavioural skills like extraversion and emotional intelligence as well. To strengthen the culture of collaboration, community building and learning, studies have found that employees are always ready to seek help and offer support to their fellow coworkers.

A strong sense of autonomy in employees

Coworking spaces are meant for simplifying work life. In the present day, employees are allowed to redirect their workday based on their needs. From pulling off a 9-hour shift to skipping a couple of hours for a Zumba class, they are all self-governed. Away from the fixed allotted desks, they can work sitting amidst scenic interior landscaping to experience the quiet or thrive in a collaborative space with stop-and-go brainstorming. A strong sense of autonomy lets an employee define their work day as per their commitments without compromising on professional discipline. Hence coworking spaces offer flexible workspaces with flexible working hours.

Individuals feel like a part of a community

Communal spaces are magnetic for organizations and their members. With a zestful vibe, these workspaces are designed to cultivate a unique arc for their community. They go to great lengths to keep the human element alive and check every box on the expectation list. Comprising various work cultures, knowledge and innovative ideas, coworking spaces facilitate interaction between people to build a strong community. Coworking spaces like Buzzworks are tailored to feel welcoming and progressive, which attracts a broad range of organizations across India.

Higher productivity and lower stress levels

Workspaces of the future are already set in action. Today’s workforce is the most productive ever with optimal control and flexibility in their workplaces. Beyond work, the coworking spaces have dedicated ways to connect, collaborate and celebrate from time to time. The workspaces have become a medium to spur togetherness and innovation. These tools and strategies have transformed productivity levels and employees are better able to manage stress. As a result, the employees are happier than ever and work-life balance has been redefined for the better.

Open designs foster holistic growth

In contrast to the closed-door culture that prohibits open communication and discussions, coworking spaces are diligently designed to foster creativity & innovation. When several minds come together with a spirit of productivity, the results speak for themselves. There has been a study that shows a positive relationship between brainstorming strategies and creative problem-solving. With modern open design offices, team members can now conduct proper discussions along with their leaders, to produce promising results in a time-effective manner.


The era of reverse engineering is here to stay. With a framework that encompasses up-to-date working conditions and well-curated employee experiences, coworking spaces like Buzzworks have been creating bigger communities than ever. Coworking spaces are undoubtedly the most customized platforms for employees to be themselves and feel a strong sense of belongingness towards their offices. And the results have been favourable for everyone; employees, leaders and organizations.




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