Why is the theme for ‘Workspace Design Show 2023’ the first of its kind?

Ever wondered what the workspace of the future looks like? Along with a heavy tech-driven system, it comes with a spirit of togetherness and constant adaptability. The Workspace Design Show is here to bring forth the essence of modern-day designs from the workspace interiors community. In order to transform the image of offices, this event comes with heavy networking, thought leadership and the most updated services.

Theme for the 2023 Workspace Design Show
Destination Workplace has been unveiled as the theme for the event that brings together the commercial interior community to explore and plan workplaces of the future. It broadly covers how an office space can become an amalgamation of home, leisure, and work. The theme comes with a vision of creating workspaces that foster newness, and creativity and align with the flexible models of working as preferred by their employees.

Key highlights of the events
The Workplace Design show will be held at Business Design Centre, London on 27-28th February. Highlighting the trendiest workspace designs from the UK’s workplace industry.

Welcome entrance by Gensler
Becky Spenceley, Design Director at Gensler is leading the show entrance and feels that there has never been a more exciting time in the future of workplace design. 

She states, “It’s about fresh perspectives to enable new ways of working and create unique and tailored destinations for people, hence the overarching theme of Rebirth.”

The Design Discourse
The Talks Lounge designed by The Furniture Practice will witness interesting post-pandemic opinions from leading architects, and interior designers. The shift in working models has brought about a huge transformation in workplace design and the audience in Talks Lounge will get insightful ideas on the latest trends and issues faced by the workplace sector.

BDP brings ‘Change by Design’
It’s a space concept curated by BDP where the major focus would be on a synergy between the new-era workspace and the well-being of the planet. Highlighting the architecture practice BDP that focuses on the current climate crisis & problem-solving ways to approach the recyclability of biomaterials to carve a low-carbon future.

Industry experts will lead the knowledge-sharing sessions within talks programmes offering three talks theatres to pick from.

Biomaterial Exhibition by BIOHM
Biomaterial Exhibition curated at the heart of BIOHM’s innovation. They combine the vision of a circular economy and human-centred designs with a splash of futuristic technology. The same would bring in a conscious step taken towards building technologies, materials and production processes.

Presenting the FIS for innovation
The Finishes & Interior Sector Innovation awards will be presented, recognizing exceptional innovation in the workspace sector.

It’s time for Workspace Design party
At the end of the entire show, the venue will host a party night to let the attendees enjoy some dancing and singing. The 2023 party is all set to mark a big zesty celebration for everyone.

Paradigm shift for coworking spaces in India
The exquisite display of interiors at the Workspace Design Show 2023 has motivated coworking spaces like Buzzworks, that are now expanding rapidly across the country. As per an article by Economic times, occupancy rates in India have now risen to 90-100% compared to half the demands witnessed a year ago. Startups, large enterprises and MNCs are all a part of the game by taking up their businesses in coworking offices.

The workspace event is all set to provide a fresh perspective to visitors with an opportunity to explore all that is trending and transforming the employee experience in workplaces. Businesses will now be in a better position to create an environment for their employees to creatively thrive and enjoy working in.




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