Is Coworking Online the Future of Work?

Everybody knows what it’s like to work at a coworking space. Getting hot desks for individuals in a co-working space. Renting an entire managed office space for the team. Now think what if all this […]

How to efficiently work from home – Adopting WFH

The recent coronavirus pandemic is a global threat no one expected the world would face. The sudden outbreak has affected the entire world. Although, having just flu-like symptoms, if not taken proper attention and care, […]

7 Ways to Increase Productivity at Managed Office Spaces

Everyone must have heard of tips and tricks on how to be productive at the office. Manage time, take breaks, call for short meetings are some of the advice experts give. But what about the […]

Six reasons why managed work spaces are for millennial’s

As per a Business Today report, 50% of the working population is going to be millennials by the end of the year 2020. Millennials are leading the world today. With youth being the largest part […]

Why must we support start-ups and how should we do it?

Did you know that India ranks third in the global start-up ecosystem?    Every Indian youth today aspires to join a promising start-up. The lucrative world attracts everyone, not just the youth. And why not? […]

Why Larger Corporates Are Making the Switch to Co-working!

Managed workspaces are happening, and Gen Y seems to have taken to it like fish to water. Sharing of core values, entrepreneurial dreams, ideas, desire for flexibility and better work-life balance has driven this breed […]

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